Lynyrd Skynyrd / Street Survivors


Released 17.10.1977
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format CD
Label MCA
1. What's Your Name (3:33)
(#/Ronnie Van Zant/Gary Rossington)
2. That Smell (5:47)
(#/Ronnie Van Zant/Allen Collins)
3. One More Time (5:03)
(#/Gary Rossington/Ronnie Van Zant)
4. I Know a Little (3:27)
(#/Steve Gaines)
5. You Got That Right (3:47)
(#/Ronnie Van Zant/Steve Gaines)
6. I Never Dreamed (5:22)
(#/Ronnie Van Zant/Steve Gaines)
7. Honky Tonk Night Time Man (4:04)
(#/Merle Haggard)
8. Ain't No Good Life (4:39)
(#/Steve Gaines)
Album ID 1.963
Production Tom Dowd (Producer)
Studio Miami, FL - Criteria Studios (Recording Location); Doraville, Georgia, Studio One (Recording Location)
Band Member Gary Rossington (Guitar); Ronnie Van Zant (Vocals); Allen Collins (Guitar); Artimus Pyle (Drums & Percussion); Billy Powell (Keyboards); Leon Wilkeson (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Steve Gaines (Guitar/Vocals-Backing)

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