Little Feat / The Last Record Album


Released 11.1975
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Warner Bros.
1. Romance Dance (3:50)
(#/Paul Barrere/Bill Payne/Kenny Gradney)
2. All That You Dream (3:52)
(#/Paul Barrere/Bill Payne)
3. Long Distance Love (2:42)
(#/Lowell George)
4. Day or Night (6:26)
(#/Bill Payne/Fran Tate)
5. One Love Stand (4:25)
(#/Paul Barrere/Kenny Gradney)
6. Down Below the Borderline (3:45)
(#/Lowell George)
7. Somebody's Leavin' (5:08)
(#/Bill Payne)
8. Mercenary Territory (4:23)
(#/Lowell George/Richie Hayward)
Album ID 1.958
Production Lowell George (Producer)
Band Member Bill Payne (Vocals/Keyboards-Various); Paul Barrere (Guitar/Vocals); Sam Clayton (Percussion); Lowell George (Vocals/Guitar); Kenny Gradney (Bass Guitar); Richie Hayward (Drums & Percussion)
Guest Musician John Hall (Guitar); Valerie Carter (Vocals-Backing); Fran Tate (Vocals-Backing)

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