Little Feat / Little Feat


Released 01.1971
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format CD
Label Warner Bros.
1. Snakes on Everything (3:07)
(#/Bill Payne)
2. Strawberry Flats (2:25)
(#/Bill Payne/Lowell George)
3. Truck Stop Girl (2:32)
(#/Bill Payne/Lowell George)
4. Brides of Jesus (3:23)
(#/Bill Payne/Lowell George)
5. Willin' (2:25)
(#/Lowell George)
6. Hamburger Midnight (2:32)
(#/Lowell George/Roy Estrada)
7. Forty Four Blues/How Many More Years (6:32)
(#/Howlin' Wolf/Roosevelt Sykes)
8. Crack in Your Door (2:19)
(#/Lowell George)
9. I've Been the One (2:24)
(#/Lowell George)
10. Takin' My Time (3:50)
(#/Bill Payne)
11. Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie (1:57)
(#/Bill Payne/Lowell George)
Album ID 1.954
Production Russ Titelman (Producer)
Band Member Bill Payne (Keyboards/Vocals/Piano); Lowell George (Guitar-Electric/Harmonica/Vocals); Richie Hayward (Drums & Percussion/Vocals-Backing); Roy Estrada (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing)
Guest Musician Russ Titelman (Vocals-Backing/Percussion-Various/Piano); Ry Cooder (Guitar-Electric); Sneaky Pete Kleinow (Steel-Guitar)

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