Counting Crows / Hard Candy


Released 08.07.2002
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Geffen
1. Hard Candy (4:20)
(#/Adam F. Duritz/Charles Gillingham/Dan Vickrey)
2. American Girls / Counting Crows feat. Sheryl Crow (4:32)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
3. Good Time (4:24)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
4. If I Could Give All My Love or Richard Manuel is Dead (3:52)
(#/Adam F. Duritz/Charles Gillingham/Dan Vickrey/David Immerglück/Matt Malley)
5. Goodnight L.A. (4:17)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
6. Butterfly in Reverse (2:48)
(#/Adam F. Duritz/Charles Gillingham/Ryan Adams)
7. Miami (5:01)
(Adam F. Duritz/Charles Gillingham/David Immerglück)
8. New Frontier (3:51)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
9. Carriage (4:04)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
10. Black and Blue (3:53)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
11. Why Should You Come When I Call? (4:38)
(#/Adam F. Duritz/Charles Gillingham)
12. Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes to Hollywood) (5:07)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
13. Holiday in Spain (3:50)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
14. 4 White Stallions [Bonus] (4:21)
(Dan Vickrey/Jeff Trott/Patrick Winningham)
15. Big Yellow Taxi [Bonus] / Counting Crows feat. Vanessa Carlton (3:46)
(#/Joni Mitchell)
Album ID 1.946
Production Steve Lillywhite (Producer); Ethan Johns (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Ocean Way Recording Studios (Recording Location); London, Westside Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Matt Malley (Guitar/Vocals/Bass Guitar); David Bryson (Guitar/Vocals); Charles Gillingham (Keyboards-Various/Synthesizer/Vocals); David Immerglück (Bass Guitar/Steel-Guitar/Mandolin); Dan Vickrey (Vocals-Backing/Banjo/Guitar); Ben Mize (Drums & Percussion); Adam F. Duritz (Vocals/Piano)
Guest Musician Sheryl Crow (Vocals-Backing); Ryan Adams (Vocals-Backing); Leona Naess (Vocals); Ethan Johns (Percussion)

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