Rod Stewart / Out of Order


Released 23.05.1988
Discography 15th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Warner Bros.
1. Lost in You (5:02)
(#/Andy Taylor/Rod Stewart)
2. The Wild Horse (5:01)
(#/Andy Taylor/Rod Stewart)
3. Lethal Dose of Love (4:39)
(#/Rod Stewart/Kevin Savigar/Jim Cregan)
4. Forever Young (4:08)
(#/Rod Stewart/Jim Cregan/Kevin Savigar/Bob Dylan)
5. My Heart Can't Tell You No (5:14)
(#/Dennis Morgan/Simon Climie)
6. Dynamite (4:20)
(#/Andy Taylor/Rod Stewart)
7. Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out (3:53)
(#/Jimmie Cox)
8. Crazy About Her (4:59)
(#/Rod Stewart/Jim Cregan/Duane Hitchings)
9. Try a Little Tenderness (4:31)
(#/Harry Woods/James Campbell/Reg Connelly)
10. When I Was Your Man (5:14)
(#/Rod Stewart/Kevin Savigar)
11. Almost Illegal (4:26)
(#/Andy Taylor/Rod Stewart)
Album ID 1.940
Production David Tickle (Engineer); Bernard Edwards (Mixing/Producer); Andy Taylor (Producer); Rod Stewart (Producer)
Band Member Rod Stewart (Vocals); Andy Taylor (Guitar); Michael Landau (Guitar/Guitar-Electric); Bob Glaub (Bass Guitar); Tony Thompson (Drums & Percussion); David Lindley (Mandolin/Steel-Guitar/Fiddle); Kevin Savigar (Vocals-Backing/Keyboards); Bernard Edwards (Bass Guitar); Bill Payne (Piano); William "Smitty" Smith (Organ); Lyn Collins (Vocals-Backing); Rita Johnson (Vocals-Backing); Robert Sheen (Vocals-Backing); Tony Brock (Drums & Percussion); Earl Gardner (Horn); Lenny Pickett (Saxophone); Jim Cregan (Guitar/Guitar-Electric); David Woodford (Saxophone); Jimmy Roberts (Saxophone/Horn); Duane Hitchings (Keyboards); Bobbye Hall (Percussion-Various); Eddie Martinez (Guitar)

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