Joss Stone / LP1


Released 21.07.2011
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Surfdog
1. Newborn (3:43)
(#/Joss Stone/David A. Stewart/Wendy Joseph)
2. Karma (3:54)
(#/David A. Stewart/Brad Warren/Brett Warren/Martina McBride)
3. Don't Start Lying to Me Now (4:08)
(#/Joss Stone/Chris Stapleton/Melissa Peirce)
4. Last One to Know (4:52)
(#/Joss Stone/David A. Stewart)
5. Drive All Night (5:07)
(#/Joss Stone/Francis "Eg" White)
6. Cry Myself to Sleep (3:51)
(#/Joss Stone/David A. Stewart)
7. Somehow (3:04)
(#/Joss Stone/David A. Stewart)
8. Landlord (3:57)
(#/Joss Stone/David A. Stewart)
9. Boat Yard (5:02)
(#/Joss Stone)
10. Take Good Care (2:29)
(#/Joss Stone/Paul Conroy)
Album ID 1.938
Production David A. Stewart (Producer); Joss Stone (Producer)
Studio Nashville, TN - Blackbird Studio (Recording Location); New York, Sterling Sound Studio (Mastering Location)
Band Member Joss Stone (Vocals); David A. Stewart (Guitar); Chad Chromwell (Drums & Percussion); Michael Rhodes (Bass Guitar); Dan Dugmore (Steel-Guitar); Tom Bukovac (Guitar); Mike Rojas (Keyboards); Wendy Moten (Vocals-Backing); Drea Rhenee (Vocals-Backing)

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