Dr. John / Dr. John's Gumbo


Released 20.04.1972
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format CD
Label ATCO
1. Iko Iko (4:15)
(#/James "Sugarboy" Crawford)
2. Blow Wind Blow (3:14)
(#/Huey "Piano" Smith/Izzy Cougarden)
3. Big Chief (3:26)
(#/Earl Gaines)
4. Somebody Changed the Lock (2:43)
(#/Dr. John)
5. Mess Around (3:13)
(#/Ahmet Ertegun)
6. Let the Good Times Roll (3:57)
(#/Earl King)
7. Junko Partner (4:30)
(#/Bob Shad)
8. Stack-A-Lee (3:29)
9. Tipitina (2:09)
(#/Roy Byrd)
10. Those Lonely Lonely Nights (2:32)
(#/Earl King/Johnny Vincent)
11. Huey Smith Medley [Medley] (3:18)
(#/Huey "Piano" Smith)
12. Little Liza Jane (3:00)
(#/Huey "Piano" Smith/Johnny Vincent)
Album ID 1.937
Production Jerry Wexler (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Sound City Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member David Lastie (Saxophone); Lee Allen (Saxophone); Melvin Lastie (Cornet); Moe Bechamin (Saxophone); Sydney George (Saxophone/Harmonica); Alvin Robinson (Guitar-Electric); Freddie Staehle (Drums & Percussion); Jimmie Calhoun (Bass Guitar); Ken Kilmak (Guitar-Electric); Richard "Didimus" Washington (Percussion-Various)

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