Roger Daltrey / One of the Boys


Released 05.1977
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Polydor
A1. Parade (3:40)
(#/Phillip Goodhand-Tait)
A2. Single Man's Dilemma (3:00)
(#/Colin Blunstone)
A3. Avenging Annie (4:30)
(#/Andy Pratt)
A4. The Prisoner (3:30)
(#/David Courtney/Roger Daltrey)
A5. Leon (4:45)
(#/Phillip Goodhand-Tait)
B1. One of the Boys (2:43)
(#/Steve Gibbons)
B2. Giddy (4:45)
(#/Paul McCartney)
B3. Written on the Wind (3:17)
(#/Paul Korda)
B4. Satin and Lace (4:00)
(#/David Courtney/Roger Daltrey/Tony Meehan)
B5. Doing it Again (2:27)
(#/David Courtney/Roger Daltrey/Tony Meehan)
Album ID 1.928
Production David Courtney (Producer); Tony Meehan (Producer)
Studio London, Ramport and Scorpio Studios (Recording Location); Paris, Pathe Marconi Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Brian Odgers (Bass Guitar); Stuart Tosh (Drums & Percussion); Jimmy McCulloch (Guitar); Paul Keogh (Guitar); Rod Argent (Keyboards); Andy Fairweather Low (Vocals-Backing); Jimmy Jewell (Saxophone); Hank B. Marvin (Guitar); Phill Kenzie (Saxophone); John Perry (Vocals-Backing); Mick Ronson (Guitar)
Guest Musician Paul Keogh (Guitar); Alvin Lee (Guitar); John Entwistle (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Paul Korda (Piano)

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