Adele / 21


Released 24.01.2011
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format CD
Label XL
1. Rolling in the Deep (3:49)
(#/Adele/Paul Epworth)
2. Rumour Has it (3:43)
(#/Adele/Ryan Tedder)
3. Turning Tables (4:10)
(#/Adele/Ryan Tedder)
4. Don't You Remember (4:03)
(#/Adele/Dan Wilson)
5. Set Fire to the Rain (4:01)
(#/Adele/Fraser T. Smith)
6. He Won't Go (4:37)
(#/Adele/Paul Epworth)
7. Take it All (3:48)
(#/Adele/Francis "Eg" White)
8. I'll Be Waiting (4:01)
(#/Adele/Paul Epworth)
9. One and Only (5:48)
(#/Adele/Dan Wilson/Greg Wells)
10. Lovesong (5:16)
(#/Robert Smith/Lol Tolhurst/Simon Gallup/Boris Williams/Porl Thompson/Roger O'Donnell)
11. Someone Like You (4:47)
(#/Adele/Dan Wilson)
Album ID 1.916
Production Tom Coyne (Mastering); Mark Rankin (Engineer); Paul Epworth (Producer); Ryan Tedder (Engineer/Programming/Producer); Jim Abbiss (Engineer/Mixing/Producer); Andrew Scheps (Mixing); Greg Fidelman (Engineer); Rick Rubin (Producer); Fraser T. Smith (Producer/Mixing); Adele (Producer); Dan Wilson (Producer)
Band Member Adele Adkins (Vocals); Leo Taylor (Drums & Percussion); Neil Cowley (Piano); Noel Langley (Trumpet); Paul Epworth (Vocals-Backing/Bass Guitar/Percussion-Various/Acoustic Guitar/Guitar-Electric); Ray Carless (Tenor Saxophone); Jerrod Bettis (Drums & Percussion/Acoustic Guitar); Ryan Tedder (Bass Guitar/Drums & Percussion/Organ/Piano/Guitar-Electric); Carmen Carter (Vocals-Backing); Carmen Twillie (Vocals-Backing); Lorna Maxine Waters (Vocals-Backing); Josef Powell (Vocals-Backing); Julia Tillman Waters (Vocals-Backing); James Gilstrap (Vocals-Backing); Terry Young (Vocals-Backing); Chris Dave (Drums & Percussion); Lenny Castro (Percussion-Various); David Hidalgo (Banjo/Accordion); James Poyser (Piano); Matt Sweeney (Guitar); Pino Palladino (Bass Guitar); Smokey Hormel (Guitar); Stephanie Bennett (Harp); Ash Soan (Drums & Percussion); Fraser T. Smith (Bass Guitar/Piano); Wired Strings (Orchestra); Ben Thomas (Acoustic Guitar); Harry Brown (Trombone); Dan Wilson (Piano)

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