Scorpions / In Trance


Released 17.09.1975
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format CD
Label BMG
1. Dark Lady (3:29)
(#/Uli Jon Roth)
2. In Trance (4:45)
(#/Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
3. Life's Like a River (3:51)
(#/Uli Jon Roth/Rudolf Schenker/Orinna. Fortmann)
4. Top of the Bill (3:24)
(#/Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
5. Living and Dying (3:21)
(#/Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
6. Robot Man (2:44)
(#/Klaus Meine/Rudolf Schenker)
7. Evening Wind (5:04)
(#/Uli Jon Roth)
8. Sun in My Hand (4:23)
(#/Uli Jon Roth)
9. Longing for Fire (2:44)
(#/Uli Jon Roth/Rudolf Schenker)
10. Night Lights [Instrumental] (3:13)
(Uli Jon Roth)
Album ID 1.875
Production Dieter Dierks (Producer)
Studio New York, BMG Recording Studio (Mastering Location); Stommeln, Studio Dierks (Recording Location)
Band Member Francis Buchholz (Bass Guitar); Klaus Meine (Vocals-Lead); Rudolf Schenker (Guitar-Electric); Rudy Lenners (Drums & Percussion); Uli Jon Roth (Guitar-Electric/Vocals-Backing)

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