Bob Dylan / Nashville Skyline


Released 09.04.1969
Discography 09th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Columbia
1. Girl From the North Country / Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash (3:44)
(#/Bob Dylan)
2. Nashville Skyline Rag [Instrumental] (3:14)
(Bob Dylan)
3. To Be Alone with You (2:10)
(#/Bob Dylan)
4. I Threw it All Away (2:26)
(#/Bob Dylan)
5. Peggy Day (2:05)
(#/Bob Dylan)
6. Lay Lady Lay (3:21)
(#/Bob Dylan)
7. One More Night (2:25)
(#/Bob Dylan)
8. Tell Me That it Isn't True (2:43)
(#/Bob Dylan)
9. Country Pie (1:39)
(#/Bob Dylan)
10. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You (3:23)
(#/Bob Dylan)
Album ID 1.863
Production Bob Johnston (Producer); Charlie Bragg (Engineer); Neil Wilburn (Engineer)
Band Member Bob Dylan (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar); Johnny Cash (Vocals); Norman Blake (Acoustic Guitar); Bob Wootton (Guitar-Electric); Marshall Grant (Bass Guitar); W.S. Holland (Drums & Percussion); Kenneth Buttrey (Drums & Percussion); Charlie McCoy (Guitar); Pete Drake (Steel-Guitar); Charlie Daniels (Bass Guitar); Bob Wilson (Piano/Organ)

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