Elton John / 21 at 33


Released 13.05.1980
Discography 14th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Phonogram
1. Chasing the Crown (5:33)
(#/Elton John/Bernie Taupin)
2. Little Jeannie (5:10)
(#/Elton John/Gary Osborne)
3. Sartorial Eloquence (4:45)
(#/Elton John/Tom Robinson)
4. Two Rooms at the End of the World (5:41)
(#/Elton John/Bernie Taupin)
5. White Lady White Powder (4:33)
(#/Elton John/Bernie Taupin)
6. Dear God (3:45)
(#/Elton John/Gary Osborne)
7. Never Gonna Fall in Love Again (4:08)
(#/Elton John/Tom Robinson)
8. Take Me Back (3:52)
(#/Elton John/Gary Osborne)
9. Give Me the Love (5:22)
(#/Elton John/Judie Tzuke)
Album ID 1.838
Production Bernie Grundman (Mastering); Clive Franks (Engineer/Producer); Elton John (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, A&M Mastering Studios (Mastering Location); Hollywood, Sunset Sound Recorders (Mixing Location); France, Nice, Superbear Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Alvin Taylor (Drums & Percussion); Bill Champlin (Vocals-Backing); Bill Reichenbach (Trombone); Byron Berline (Fiddle); Carmen Twillie (Vocals-Backing); Dee Murray (Vocals-Backing); Don Henley (Vocals-Backing); Elton John (Piano/Vocals-Backing); Gary Osborne (Vocals-Backing); Glenn Frey (Vocals-Backing); James Newton Howard (Keyboards-Various/Piano); Jerry Hey (Horn/Trumpet); Jim Horn (Alto Saxophone/Tenor Saxophone/Piccolo); Larry Hall (Horn/Trumpet); Larry Williams (Alto Saxophone/Tenor Saxophone); Lenny Castro (Percussion-Various); Max Carl Gronenthal (Vocals-Backing); Nigel Olsson (Drums & Percussion); Reggie McBride (Bass Guitar); Richie Zito (Guitar-Electric); Richie Zotto (Acoustic Guitar); Stephanie Spruill (Vocals-Backing); Steve Lukather (Guitar-Electric); Timothy B. Schmit (Vocals-Backing); Vannette Gloud (Vocals-Backing); Victor Feldman (Tambura); Chuck Findley (Trombone/Trumpet); Clive Franks (Percussion-Various/Tambura); David Paitch (Organ)

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