Bob Dylan / Down in the Groove


Released 30.05.1988
Discography 25th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Sony
1. Let's Stick Together (3:08)
(#/Wilbert Harrison)
2. When Did You Leave Heaven? (2:15)
(#/Walter Bullock/Richard A. Whiting)
3. Sally Sue Brown (2:29)
(#/Arthur Alexander/Terry Stafford/Elliot Montgomery)
4. Death is Not the End (5:10)
(#/Bob Dylan)
5. Had a Dream About You, Baby (2:51)
(#/Bob Dylan)
6. Ugliest Girl in the World (3:32)
(#/Bob Dylan/Robert Hunter)
7. Silvio (3:05)
(#/Bob Dylan/Robert Hunter)
8. Ninety Miles an Hour (Down a Dead End Street) (2:56)
(#/Don Robertson/Hal Blair)
9. Shenandoah (3:38)
10. Rank Strangers to Me (2:57)
(#/Albert E. Brumley)
Album ID 1.837
Production Stephen E. Shelton (Engineer/Mixing); Beau Hill (Producer)
Band Member Bob Dylan (Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica); Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar (Guitar); Randy Jackson (Bass Guitar); Steve Jordan (Drums & Percussion); Madelyn Quebec (Vocals/Keyboards-Various/Vocals-Backing); Stephen E. Shelton (Drums & Percussion); Bobbie King (Vocals-Backing); Steve Jones (Guitar); Alan Clarke (Keyboards-Various); Clydie King (Vocals-Backing); Full Force (Vocals-Backing); Mark Knopfler (Guitar); Robbie Shakespeare (Bass Guitar); Sly Dunbar (Drums & Percussion); Carolyn Dennis (Vocals-Backing); Steve Jordon (Drums & Percussion); Brent Mydland (Vocals); Mike Baird (Drums & Percussion); Willie Green (Vocals-Backing); Alexandra Brown (Vocals-Backing); Nathan East (Bass Guitar); Peggie Blu (Vocals-Backing); Larry Klein (Bass Guitar)

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