Bonnie Raitt / Nick of Time


Released 21.03.1989
Discography 10th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Capitol
1. Nick of Time (3:53)
(#/Bonnie Raitt)
2. Thing Called Love (3:52)
(#/John Hiatt)
3. Love Letter (4:04)
(#/Bonnie Hayes)
4. Cry on My Shoulder (3:44)
(#/Michael Ruff)
5. Real Man (4:27)
(#/Jerry Lynn Williams)
6. Nobody's Girl (3:14)
(#/Larry John McNally)
7. Have a Heart (4:50)
(#/Bonnie Hayes)
8. Too Soon to Tell (3:45)
(#/Mike Reid/Rory Michael Bourke)
9. I Will Not Be Denied (4:55)
(#/Jerry Lynn Williams)
10. I Ain't Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again (2:38)
(#/Julie Lasley/David Lasley)
11. The Road's My Middle Name (3:31)
(#/Bonnie Raitt)
Album ID 1.828
Production Ed Cherney (Mixing/Engineer); Don Was (Producer)
Band Member Bonnie Raitt (Vocals/Piano/Guitar-Electric); Arnold McCuller (Vocals-Backing/Vocals); James "Hutch" Hutchinson (Bass Acoustic); Michael Landau (Guitar-Electric); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion); Ricky Fataar (Drums & Percussion); Sir Harry Bowens (Vocals-Backing/Vocals); Johnny Lee Schell (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals/Guitar-Electric); Tony Braunagel (Percussion-Various); Arthur Adams (Guitar-Electric); Bill Bergman (Horn); Dennis Farias (Horn); Greg Smith (Horn); John Berry, Jr. (Horn); Scott Thurston (Keyboards); Sweet Pea Atkinson (Vocals-Backing/Vocals); Bonnie Hayes (Vocals-Backing); Chuck Domanico (Bass Acoustic); Michael Ruff (Keyboards); Jerry Lynn Williams (Piano/Vocals-Backing); Kim Wilson (Harmonica); Larry John McNally (Vocals-Backing); Ed Cherney (Recorder); Don Was (Keyboards); J.D. Maness (Pedal Steel Guitar); John Jorgenson (Guitar-Electric); Mike Reid (Vocals-Backing); Rory Michael Bourke (Vocals-Backing); Marty Grebb (Saxophone Tenor); Herbie Hancock (Piano); Fran Christina (Drums & Percussion); Preston Hubbard (Bass Acoustic)
Guest Musician David Crosby (Vocals); Graham Nash (Vocals); Arnold McCuller (Vocals-Backing); David Lasley (Vocals-Backing); Bonnie Hayes (Vocals-Backing)

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