Keith Emerson & Marc Bonilla; Glenn Hughes / Boys Club - Live From California


Released 16.01.2009
Discography Live
Venue California
Venue Date 1998
Format CD
Label Edel Musik
1. Afterburner [Live/Instrumental] (4:12)
(Marc Bonilla)
2. Long Journey Home [Live/Instrumental] (3:03)
(Keith Emerson)
3. Hoedown [Live/Instrumental] (4:27)
(Aaron Copeland)
4. A Whiter Shade of Pale [Live] (5:39)
(#/Gary Brooker/Keith Reid)
5. White Noise [Live/Instrumental] (5:27)
(Marc Bonilla)
6. Cover Me [Live] (5:20)
(Marc Bonilla/Glenn Hughes)
7. Nutrocker [Live/Instrumental] (5:05)
(Kim Fowley/Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski)
8. Tarkus [Live] (18:54)
(#/Keith Emerson/Greg Lake)
9. Dreams [Live] (9:38)
(#/Gregg Allman)
10. Middle of a Dream (6:36)
(Marc Bonilla/Glenn Hughes/Keith Emerson)
Album ID 1.814
Production Marc Bonilla (Producer)
Studio Blue Corner (Recording Location)
Band Member Keith Emerson (Keyboards-Various); Marc Bonilla (Guitar); Glenn Hughes (Vocals); Mike Wallace (Guitar); Bob Birch (Bass Guitar); Mick Mahan (Bass Guitar); Joe Travers (Drums & Percussion)

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