Natalie Merchant / Ophelia


Released 19.05.1998
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format CD
Label Elektra
1. Ophelia (5:11)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
2. Life is Sweet (5:12)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
3. Kind & Generous (4:07)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
4. Frozen Charlotte (5:23)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
5. My Skin (5:32)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
6. Break Your Heart (4:48)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
7. King of May (4:09)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
8. Thick as Thieves (6:57)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
9. Effigy (2:30)
(Natalie Merchant)
10. The Living (3:18)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
11. When They Ring the Golden Bells (9:33)
(#/Natalie Merchant)
Album ID 1.813
Production Natalie Merchant (Producer)
Studio New York, Talking Dwarf Studios Little Valley (Recording Location); London, Air Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Jay Brunga (Bass Guitar); George Laks (Organ/Piano); Peter Yanowitz (Drums & Percussion); Natalie Merchant (Vocals/Piano/Organ); Yungchen Lhamo (Vocals); Lokua Kanza (Guitar); Graham Maby (Guitar); Daniel Lanois (Guitar); Don Perris (Guitar); Karen Perris (Guitar/Vocals); N'Dea Davenport (Vocals)

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