The Byrds / Sweetheart of the Rodeo


Released 30.08.1968
Discography 06th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Columbia
1. You Ain't Going Nowhere (2:38)
(#/Bob Dylan)
2. I am a Pilgrim (3:42)
3. The Christian Life (2:33)
(#/Charlie Louvin/Ira Louvin)
4. You Don't Miss Your Water (3:51)
(#/William Bell)
5. You're Still on My Mind (2:26)
(#/Luke McDaniel)
6. Pretty Boy Floyd (2:37)
(#/Woody Guthrie)
7. Hickory Wind (3:34)
(#/Bob Buchanan/Gram Parsons)
8. One Hundred Years From Now (2:43)
(#/Gram Parsons)
9. Blue Canadian Rockies (2:05)
(#/Cindy Walker)
10. Life in Prison (2:47)
(#/J. Sanders/Merle Haggard)
11. Nothing Was Delivered (3:34)
(#/Bob Dylan)
12. You Got a Reputation [Bonus] (3:10)
(#/Tim Hardin)
13. Lazy Days [Bonus] (3:29)
(#/Gram Parsons)
14. Pretty Polly [Bonus] (2:56)
(#/Roger McGuinn/Chris Hillman)
15. The Christian Life [Previously Unissued - Bonus] (2:58)
(Charlie Louvin/Ira Louvin)
16. Life in Prison [Previously Unissued - Bonus] (3:01)
(J. Sanders/Merle Haggard)
17. You're Still on My Mind [Previously Unissued - Bonus] (2:31)
(Luke McDaniel)
18. One Hundred Years From Now [Previously Unissued - Bonus] (3:23)
(Gram Parsons)
19. All I Have Are Memories [Previously Unissued - Instrumental/Bonus] (4:47)
(Kevin Kelley)
Album ID 1.794
Production Gary Usher (Producer); Charlie Bragg (Engineer); Roy Halee (Engineer); Tim Geelan (Remixing); Vic Anesini (Mastering/Mixing)
Studio Nashville, TN - Columbia Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Chris Hillman (Mandolin/Bass Acoustic); Gram Parsons (Keyboards); Roger McGuinn (Banjo/Vocals/Guitar); Clarence White (Guitar/Vocals); Earl P. Ball (Piano); Jaydee Maness (Guitar-Electric); John Hartford (Banjo/Violin); Jon Corneal (Drums & Percussion); Kevin Kelley (Drums & Percussion); Lloyd Green (Guitar-Electric); Roy M. Huskey (Bass Guitar)

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