Jackson Browne / The Pretender


Released 11.1976
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Asylum
1. The Fuse (5:50)
(#/Jackson Browne)
2. Your Bright Baby Blues (6:05)
(#/Jackson Browne)
3. Linda Paloma (4:06)
(#/Jackson Browne)
4. Here Come Those Tears Again (3:33)
(#/Jackson Browne/Nancy Farnsworth)
5. The Only Child (3:43)
(#/Jackson Browne)
6. Daddy's Tune (3:37)
(#/Jackson Browne)
7. Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate (2:37)
(#/Jackson Browne)
8. The Pretender (5:50)
(#/Jackson Browne)
Album ID 1.792
Production Jon Landau (Producer); Greg Ladanyi (Mastering)
Studio Hollywood, Sound Factory (Recording Location)
Band Member Russ Kunkel (Drums & Percussion); Leland Sklar (Bass Guitar); Craig Doerge (Piano); David Lindley (Guitar/Violin); Jim Gordon (Drums & Percussion); Lowell George (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Luis F. Damian (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Roberto Gutierrez (Violin/Vocals-Backing/Harp); Arthur Gerst (Vocals-Backing); Bob Glaub (Bass Guitar); Fred Tackett (Acoustic Guitar); Bill Payne (Piano); John Hall (Guitar); Mike Utley (Organ); Jeff Porcaro (Drums & Percussion); J.D. Souther (Vocals-Backing); Don Henley (Vocals-Backing); Albert Lee (Guitar); Gary Coleman (Percussion); Graham Nash (Vocals-Backing); David Crosby (Vocals-Backing)
Guest Musician Bonnie Raitt (Vocals-Backing); Rosemary Butler (Vocals-Backing)

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