Paul Butterfield Blues Band / In My Own Dreams


Released 1968
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Elektra
1. Last Hope's Gone (4:52)
(#/Mike Strange/Paul Butterfield/David Sanborn)
2. Mine to Love (4:22)
(Bugsy Maugh)
3. Get Yourself Together (4:11)
(#/Bugsy Maugh)
4. Just to Be with You (6:14)
(#/Bernard Roth)
5. Mornin' Blues (4:59)
(#/Bugsy Maugh)
6. Drunk Again (6:11)
(#/Elvin Bishop)
7. In My Own Dream (5:49)
(#/Paul Butterfield)
Album ID 1.746
Production Paul A. Rothchild (Producer)
Band Member Bugsy Maugh (Bass Guitar); David Sanborn (Saxophone); Elvin Bishop (Guitar-Electric); Keith Johnson (Trumpet); Mark Naftalin (Keyboards/Organ); Mike Bloomfield (Guitar-Electric); Paul Butterfield (Vocals); Phillip Wilson (Drums & Percussion); Jerome Arnold (Bass Guitar); Sam Lay (Drums & Percussion)

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