Rod Stewart / Camouflage


Released 18.06.1984
Discography 13th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Warner Bros.
1. Infatuation (5:15)
(#/Duane Hitchings/Rod Stewart/Rowland Robinson)
2. All Right Now (4:42)
(#/Paul Rodgers/Andy Fraser)
3. Some Guys Have All the Luck (4:34)
(#/Jeff Fortgang)
4. Can We Still Be Friends (3:51)
(#/Todd Rundgren)
5. Bad for You (5:18)
(#/Rod Stewart/Kevin Savigar/Jim Cregan)
6. Heart is on the Line (4:04)
(#/Rod Stewart/Jesse Edwin Davis)
7. Camouflage (5:19)
(#/Rod Stewart/Kevin Savigar/Michael Omartian)
8. Trouble (4:42)
(#/Rod Stewart/Michael Omartian)
Album ID 1.725
Production Rod Stewart (Producer)
Band Member Charlie Loper (Horn); Chuck Findley (Horn); Gary Grant (Horn); Jesse Edwin Davis (Bass Guitar); Jerry Hey (Horn); Jim Cregan (Guitar-Electric); Jimmy 'Z' Zavala (Harmonica); Kim Hutchcroft (Horn); Michael Landau (Guitar-Electric); Robin LeMesurier (Guitar-Electric); Jeff Beck (Guitar-Electric); Tony Brock (Drums & Percussion); Kevin Savigar (Keyboards)

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