Rod Stewart / Vagabond Heart


Released 26.03.1991
Discography 16th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Warner Bros.
1. Rhythm of My Heart (4:14)
(#/John Capek/Marc Jordan)
2. Rebel Heart (4:10)
(#/Carmine Rojas/Chuck Kentis/Jeff Golub/Rod Stewart)
3. Broken Arrow (4:26)
(#/Robbie Robertson)
4. It Takes Two / Rod Stewart with Tina Turner (4:14)
(#/Sylvia Moy/William "Mickey" Stevenson)
5. When a Man's in Love (5:34)
(#/Carmine Rojas/Chuck Kentis/Jeff Golub/Rod Stewart)
6. You Are Everything (4:09)
(#/Linda Creed/Thom Bell)
7. The Motown Song (4:00)
(#/Larry John McNally)
8. Go Out Dancing (4:20)
(#/Chuck Kentis/Jeff Golub/Rod Stewart)
9. No Holding Back (5:47)
(#/Rod Stewart/Jim Cregan/Kevin Savigar)
10. Have I Told You Lately (4:01)
(#/Van Morrison)
11. Moment of Glory (4:47)
(#/Carmine Rojas/Chuck Kentis/Jeff Golub/Rod Stewart)
12. If Only (4:56)
(#/Rod Stewart/Jim Cregan/Kevin Savigar)
Album ID 1.724
Production Bernard Edwards (Mixing/Producer); Stephen Marcussen (Mastering); Trevor Horn (Mixing); Lenny Waronker (Coproducer); Richard Perry (Producer); Rod Stewart (Producer)
Band Member Arnold Stiefel (Vocals); Garry Cook (Vocals); Gary Falcone (Vocals); John Batdorf (Vocals); Kevin Weed (Bagpipe); Lionel Conway (Vocals); Neil Stubenhaus (Bass Guitar); Randel Crenshaw (Vocals); Robert Jason (Vocals); Robin LeMesurier (Guitar-Electric); Rod Stewart (Vocals); Roger Freeland (Vocals); Steve Lukather (Guitar-Electric); Jimmy Roberts (Saxophone); Luther Waters (Vocals); Nick Lane (Trombone); Rick Braun (Trumpet); Roy Galloway (Vocals); Carmine Rojas (Bass Guitar); Jeff Golub (Guitar-Electric); Jimmy Johnson (Bass Guitar); Luis Conte (Percussion-Various); Tim Pierce (Guitar-Electric); Twinkle Schascle (Vocals); Tina Turner (Vocals); Chuck Kentis (Keyboards); Richard Greene (Violin); Chris Trujillo (Percussion-Various); Khris Kellow (Bass Guitar); Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar-Electric); Steve Porcaro (Synthesizer); The Temptations (Vocals); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion-Various); Angela Winbush (Vocals)

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