Fleetwood Mac / Mr. Wonderful


Released 08.1968
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format CD
Label Sony
1. Stop Messin' Round (2:22)
(#/Peter Green/Clifford Adams)
2. I've Lost My Baby (4:18)
(#/Jeremy Spencer)
3. Rollin' Man (2:54)
(#/Peter Green/Clifford Adams)
4. Dust My Broom (2:53)
(#/Robert Johnson/Elmore James)
5. Love That Burns (5:03)
(#/Peter Green/Clifford Adams)
6. Doctor Brown (3:46)
(#/Waymon Glasco)
7. Need Your Love Tonight (3:28)
(#/Jeremy Spencer)
8. If You Be My Baby (3:54)
(#/Peter Green/Clifford Adams)
9. Evenin' Boogie [Instrumental] (2:42)
(Jeremy Spencer)
10. Lazy Poker Blues (2:36)
(#/Peter Green/Clifford Adams)
11. Coming Home (2:40)
(#/Elmore James)
12. Trying So Hard to Forget (4:45)
(#/Peter Green/Clifford Adams)
Album ID 1.717
Production Mike Vernon (Producer)
Studio London, CBS Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Christine Mcvie (Piano); Dave Howard (Alto); Duster Bennett (Harmonica); Jeremy Spencer (Vocals/Piano); John McVie (Bass Guitar); Johnny Almond (Tenor); Mick Fleetwood (Drums & Percussion); Peter Green (Guitar/Vocals); Roland Vaughan (Tenor Saxophone); Steve Gregory (Alto)

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