Bonnie Raitt / Streetlights


Released 09.1974
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Warner Bros.
1. That Song About the Midway (4:44)
(#/Joni Mitchell)
2. Rainy Day Man (3:41)
(#/James Taylor/Zachary Wiesner)
3. Angel From Montgomery (3:59)
(#/John Prine)
4. I Got Plenty (3:09)
(#/Jim Caroll/Joey Levine)
5. Streetlights (5:05)
(#/Bill Payne)
6. What is Success (3:32)
(#/Allen Toussaint)
7. Ain't Nobody Home (3:04)
(#/Jerry Ragovoy)
8. Everything That Touches You (3:28)
(#/Michael Kamen)
9. Got You on My Mind (3:50)
(#/Allee Willia/David Lasley)
10. You Got to Be Ready for Love (If You Wanna Be Mine) (3:08)
(#/Lou Courtney)
Album ID 1.699
Production Jerry Ragovoy (Producer)
Band Member Freebo (Bass Guitar); Arthur Jenkins (Percussion-Various); Don Grolnick (Keyboards); Steve Gadd (Drums & Percussion); David Spinozza (Guitar); LeRoy Pendarvis (Keyboards); Bob Kreinar (Bass Guitar); Charles Brown III (Guitar); Jeff Mironov (Guitar); Lou Courtney (Vocals-Backing); Jerry Friedman (Guitar); Sharon Redd (Vocals-Backing); John Topea (Guitar); Richard Davis (Bass Guitar)

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