Counting Crows / August & Everything After


Released 14.09.1993
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format CD
Label Geffen
1. Round Here (5:31)
(#/Adam F. Duritz/David Bryson/Dave Janusko/Dan Jewett)
2. Omaha (3:39)
(#/Adam F. Duritz/David Bryson)
3. Mr. Jones (4:32)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
4. Perfect Blue Buildings (5:00)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
5. Anna Begins (4:31)
(#/Adam F. Duritz/David Bryson/Toby Hawkins/Lydia Holly/Marty Jones)
6. Time and Time Again (5:14)
(#/Adam F. Duritz/David Bryson/Charles Gillingham/Steve Bowman/Don Dixon)
7. Rain King (4:15)
(#/Adam F. Duritz/David Bryson)
8. Sullivan Street (4:29)
(#/Adam F. Duritz/David Bryson)
9. Ghost Train (4:02)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
10. Raining in Baltimore (4:41)
(#/Adam F. Duritz)
11. A Murder of One (5:43)
(#/Adam F. Duritz/David Bryson/Matt Malley)
Album ID 1.697
Production T-Bone Burnett (Producer)
Band Member Adam F. Duritz (Vocals/Piano); Matt Malley (Vocals/Bass Guitar/Guitar); David Bryson (Guitar); Charles Gillingham (Keyboards-Various/Synthesizer); Steve Bowman (Drums & Percussion/Vocals)
Guest Musician David Immerglück (Guitar/Mandolin); Bill Dillon (Guitar); T-Bone Burnett (Guitar); Mark Olson (Vocals-Backing); Gary Louris (Vocals-Backing); Maria McKee (Vocals-Backing); Denny Fongheiser (Percussion)

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