Genesis / Wind & Wuthering


Released 23.12.1976
Discography 08th Studio Album
Format CD
Label ATCO
1. Eleventh Earl Of Mar (7:44)
(#/Mike Rutherford/Steve Hackett/Tony Banks)
2. One For The Vine (10:00)
(#/Tony Banks)
3. Your Own Special Way (6:18)
(#/Mike Rutherford)
4. Wot Gorilla? [Instrumental] (3:19)
(Tony Banks/Phil Collins)
5. All In A Mouse's Night (6:38)
(#/Tony Banks)
6. Blood On The Rooftops (5:27)
(#/Steve Hackett/Phil Collins)
7. Unquiet Slumber For The Sleepers... [Instrumental] (2:23)
(Mike Rutherford/Steve Hackett)
8. ...In That Quiet Earth [Instrumental] (4:49)
(Mike Rutherford/Steve Hackett/Tony Banks/Phil Collins)
9. Afterglow (4:12)
(#/Tony Banks)
Album ID 1.617
Production David Hentschel (Engineer/Producer); Genesis (Producer); Nick Davis (Mixing); Tony Cousins (Mastering)
Studio Hilvarenbeek, Relight Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Mike Rutherford (Acoustic Guitar/Bass Guitar/Guitar-Electric); Phil Collins (Drums & Percussion/Percussion-Various/Vocals); Steve Hackett (Percussion-Various/Acoustic Guitar/Guitar-Electric/Harp); Tony Banks (Guitar-Electric/Keyboards-Various/Organ/Piano/Synthesizer)

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