Blood, Sweat & Tears / 4


Released 06.1971
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Columbia
1. Go Down Gamblin' (4:17)
(#/David Clayton-Thomas)
2. Cowboys And Indians (3:11)
(#/Dick Halligan/Terry Kirkman)
3. John The Baptist (Holy John) (3:38)
(#/Al Kooper/Phyllis Major)
4. Redemption (5:15)
(#/David Clayton-Thomas/Dick Halligan/Steve Katz)
5. Lisa, Listen To Me (3:03)
(#/David Clayton-Thomas/Dick Halligan)
6. A Look To My Heart [Instrumental] (0:56)
(Fred Lipsius)
7. High On A Mountain (3:17)
(#/Steve Katz)
8. Valentine's Day (4:00)
(#/Steve Katz)
9. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) (3:31)
(#/Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Edward "Eddie" Holland, Jr.)
10. For My Lady (3:27)
(#/Steve Katz)
11. Mama Gets High (4:13)
(#/Steve Katz/Dave Bargeron)
12. A Look To My Heart [Instrumental] (2:08)
(Fred Lipsius)
Album ID 1.598
Production Bob Irwin (Producer); Bobby Colomby (Producer); Don Heckman (Producer); Roy Halee (Producer/Engineer); Vic Anesini (Mastering)
Band Member Bobby Colomby (Drums & Percussion/Percussion-Various); Chuck Winfield (Trumpet); Dave Bargeron (Trombone/Bass Acoustic); David Clayton-Thomas (Vocals); Dick Halligan (Organ/Flute/Trombone); Fred Lipsius (Piano/Clarinet/Organ/Saxophone Alto); Jim Fielder (Bass Acoustic); Lewis Soloff (Trumpet/Piccolo); Steve Katz (Acoustic Guitar/Harmonica/Guitar-Electric/Mandolin/Vocals); Michael Smith (Percussion-Various); Don Heckman (Bass Guitar/Clarinet)

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