Bonnie Raitt / Green Light


Released 1982
Discography 08th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Warner Bros.
1. Keep This Heart In Mind (3:20)
(#/Fred Marrone)
2. River Of Tears (4:53)
(#/Eric Kaz)
3. Can't Get Enough (2:51)
(#/Bonnie Raitt/Walt Richmond)
4. Willya Wontcha (3:22)
(#/Johnny Lee Schell)
5. Let's Keep It Between Us (4:43)
(#/Bob Dylan)
6. Me And The Boys (3:38)
(#/Terry Adams)
7. I Can't Help Myself (3:06)
(#/Bonnie Raitt/Johnny Lee Schell/Ray Ohara/Ricky Fataar)
8. Baby Come Back (2:48)
(#/Eddy Grant)
9. Talk to Me (3:22)
(#/Jerry Lynn Williams)
10. Green Lights (3:11)
(#/Terry Adams/Joseph Spampinato)
Album ID 1.564
Production Keith Blake (Mastering); Mike Reese (Mastering); Rob Fraboni (Producer); Terry Becker (Engineer)
Studio Malibu, CA Shangri La Studios (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Mastering Lab (Mastering Location)
Band Member Bonnie Raitt (Guitar-Electric/Vocals); Ian McLagan (Keyboards-Various); Johnny Lee Schell (Guitar-Electric/Organ/Vocals); Ray Ohara (Bass Guitar); Ricky Fataar (Drums & Percussion/Vocals); Rob Fraboni (Percussion); William "Smitty" Smith (Keyboards)
Guest Musician Rick Vito (Guitar); Jackson Browne (Vocals-Backing); Richard Manuel (Vocals-Backing)

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