Gregg Allman / Searching For Simplicity


Released 11.11.1997
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Epic
1. Whippin' Post (4:41)
(#/Gregg Allman)
2. House Of Blues (4:00)
(#/Gregg Allman/Todd Smallwood)
3. Come Back And Help Me (3:35)
(#/Gregg Allman/Jack Pearson/William Howse)
4. Silence Ain't Golden Anymore (3:33)
(#/N.C. Thurman/Scott Boyer)
5. Rendezvous With The Blues (3:53)
(#/Jimmy Hall/Johnny Douglas)
6. Wolf's A' Howlin' (4:14)
(#/Gregg Allman/Scott Boyer/A. Sandlin/Johnny Sandlin)
7. Love The Poison (3:29)
(#/Wally Wilson)
8. Don't Deny Me (4:37)
(#/Jerry Lynn Williams)
9. Dark End Of The Street (3:16)
(#/Dan Penn/Chips Moman)
10. Neighbor, Neighbor (3:55)
(#/Huey Meaux)
11. I've Got News For You (4:37)
(#/Ray Alfred)
12. Memphis In The Meantime (3:43)
(#/John Hiatt)
13. Startin' Over (3:19)
(#/R. Fromer/A. Padlo)
Album ID 1.563
Production Chris Carroll (Assistant Engineer); Johnny Sandlin (Engineer/Producer); Tom Dowd (Mixing/Engineer/Producer)
Studio Miami, FL - Criteria Studios (Mixing Location/Recording Location); Duck Tape Music Studios (Recording Location); Fantasy Recording Studios (Recording Location); Hyde Street Studios (Recording Location); Alabama, Sheffield, Muscle Shoals Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Roger Hawkins (Percussion-Various); Mickey Buckins (Percussion-Various); Gregg Allman (Vocals/Guitar); Bill Stewart (Drums & Percussion); David Hood (Bass Guitar); Jack Pearson (Dobro/Guitar-Electric); Kelvin Holly (Guitar-Electric/Guitar); Sam Levine (Saxophone Alto); Vinnie Ciesielski (Trumpet); Charles Rose (Trombone/Cello); Harvey Thompson (Saxophone Tenor/Saxophone Baritone); Gary Armstrong (Trumpet); Jim Horn (Saxophone Baritone); Clayton Ivey (Piano); Carla Russell (Vocals); N.C. Thurman (Piano); Ava Aldridge (Vocals-Backing); Jessica Boucher (Vocals-Backing); Cindy Richardson-Walker (Vocals-Backing); Scott Boyer (Vocals-Backing/Guitar-Electric/Guitar); George Soule (Vocals-Backing); Robert Mason (Cello); Derek Trucks (Steel-Guitar); Topper Price (Harmonica); Johnny Sandlin (Guitar); Oteil Burbridge (Bass Guitar); Jay Wilson (Piano); Jimmy Hall (Harp); Hank Crawford (Saxophone Alto); Mark McGee (Drums & Percussion); Tommy Miller (Bass Guitar); Preston L. Thall (Drums & Percussion); Tommy V. Thompson (Keyboards-Various)

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