Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds / Out Of The Blue


Released 1984
Format CD
Label Inakustik
1. I Ain't Superstitious (4:26)
(Willie Dixon)
2. Gambler's Blues (6:12)
(B.B. King/Johnny Pate)
3. Them That's Got It (2:52)
(Ray Charles/Ricci Harper)
4. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (3:59)
(#/Dan Walsh/Michael Price)
5. It's All Wrong (2:15)
(Chris Farlowe/Mo Witham)
6. Key To My Kingdom (3:19)
(Claude Baum/Joe Bihari)
7. The Thrill Is Gone (4:24)
(#/Dale Pettite/Arthur Benson)
8. Watch Your Step (3:12)
(#/Bobby Parker)
9. All The Way Lover / The Thunderbirds & Chris Farlowe (4:17)
(Benny Latimore)
10. (Standing On) Shakey Ground (4:30)
(Jeffrey Bowen/Alphonso Boyd)
11. Circles Round The Sun [Bonus] (3:06)
12. Medicated Goo [Bonus] (2:37)
(#/Steve Winwood/Jimmy Miller)
Album ID 1.558
Production Mike Vernon (Producer)
Studio London, Chipping Norton Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Chris Farlowe (Vocals); Mo Witham (Guitar); Tim Hinkley (Keyboards); George Webley (Bass Guitar); The Big Figure (Drums & Percussion); Steve Gregory (Saxophone)
Guest Musician Albert Lee (Guitar); Martin Chandler (Trumpet); Carol Forbes (Vocals-Backing); Mike Vernon (Vocals-Backing)

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