Billy Idol / Billy Idol


Released 16.07.1982
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label Chrysalis
A1. Come On, Come on (3:57)
(Billy Idol/Steve Stevens)
A2. White Wedding (Part 1) (4:10)
(Billy Idol)
A3. Hot in the City (3:35)
(Billy Idol)
A4. Dead on Arrival (3:53)
(Billy Idol)
A5. Nobody's Business (4:03)
(Billy Idol)
B1. Love Calling (4:53)
(Billy Idol/Keith Forsey)
B2. Hole in the Wall (4:07)
(Billy Idol)
B3. Shooting Stars (4:30)
(Billy Idol/Steve Stevens)
B4. It's So Cruel (5:09)
(Billy Idol)
B5. Congo Man (0:52)
(Billy Idol)
Album ID 155
Production Keith Forsey (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Westlake Audio (Recording Location)
Band Member Billy Idol (Vocals/Guitar); Steve Stevens (Guitar)

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