David Gilmour / About Face


Released 27.03.1984
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format CD
Label Columbia
1. Until We Sleep (5:19)
(#/David Gilmour)
2. Murder (4:59)
(#/David Gilmour)
3. Love On The Air (4:20)
(#/David Gilmour/Pete Townshend)
4. Blue Light (4:35)
(#/David Gilmour)
5. Out Of The Blue (3:37)
(#/David Gilmour)
6. All Lovers Are Deranged (3:15)
(#/David Gilmour/Pete Townshend)
7. You Know I'm Right (5:05)
(#/David Gilmour)
8. Cruise (4:39)
(#/David Gilmour)
9. Let's Get Metaphysical [Instrumental] (4:09)
(David Gilmour)
10. Near The End (5:50)
(#/David Gilmour)
Album ID 1.547
Production Bob Ezrin (Producer); David Gilmour (Producer)
Studio France, Boulogne-Billiancourt, Pathe Marconi (Recording Location)
Band Member Anne Dudley (Synthesizer); Bob Ezrin (Keyboards-Various); David Gilmour (Guitar/Vocals); Ian Kewley (Organ/Piano); Jeff Porcaro (Drums & Percussion/Percussion-Various); Jon Lord (Synthesizer); Luis Jardim (Percussion-Various); Mickey Feat (Vocals); Pino Palladino (Acoustic Bass/Bass Guitar); Ray Cooper (Percussion-Various); Roy Harper (Vocals); Sam Brown (Vocals); Steve Rance (Synthesizer); Steve Winwood (Organ/Piano); Vicki Brown (Vocals)

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