Little Feat / Let It Roll


Released 07.1988
Discography 08th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Warner Bros.
1. Hate To Lose Your Lovin' (4:21)
(#/Paul Barrere)
2. One Clear Moment (4:49)
(#/Paul Barrere/Bill Payne)
3. Cajun Girl (3:55)
(#/Bill Payne/Martin Kibbee)
4. Hangin' On To The Good Times (4:48)
(#/Paul Barrere/Bill Payne/Fred Tackett)
5. Listen To Your Heart (5:53)
(#/Bill Payne/Craig Fuller)
6. Let It Roll (4:30)
(#/Paul Barrere/Bill Payne/Martin Kibbee)
7. Long Time Till I Get Over You (4:52)
(#/Paul Barrere/Bill Payne)
8. Business As Usual (4:28)
(#/Paul Barrere/Bill Payne)
9. Changin' Luck (6:18)
(#/Bill Payne/Fred Tackett/Craig Fuller)
10. Voices On The Wind (6:16)
(#/Paul Barrere/Bill Payne/Fred Tackett)
Album ID 1.530
Production Bill Payne (Producer); Doug Sax (Mastering); George Massenburg (Producer); Mike Reese (Mastering)
Studio Los Angeles, Mastering Lab (Mastering Location); Westwood Music Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Richie Hayward (Drums & Percussion/Vocals); Sam Clayton (Percussion-Various/Vocals); Shaun Murphy (Vocals-Backing); Bill Payne (Keyboards-Various/Vocals); Bob Seger (Vocals-Backing); Bonnie Raitt (Vocals-Backing); Craig Fuller (Guitar-Electric/Accordion/Vocals); Fred Tackett (Guitar-Electric/Mandolin/Trumpet); Kenny Gradney (Bass Guitar); Linda Ronstadt (Vocals-Backing); Marilyn Martin (Vocals-Backing); Paul Barrere (Guitar-Electric/Vocals); Renee Armand (Vocals-Backing)

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