Allman Brothers Band / Gold


Released 2001
Discography Compilation
Format 2 CD
Label UMG
Gold (Disk 1)
1. Don't Want You No More [Instrumental] (2:25)
(Eddie Hardin/Spencer Davis)
2. It's Not My Cross To Bear (4:57)
(#/Gregg Allman)
3. Black Hearted Woman (5:18)
(#/Gregg Allman)
4. Trouble No More (3:49)
(#/Muddy Waters)
5. Dreams I'll Never See (7:19)
(#/Gregg Allman)
6. Whipping Post (5:22)
(#/Gregg Allman)
7. Revival (4:05)
(#/Richard "Dickey" Betts)
8. Midnight Rider (3:00)
(#/Gregg Allman/Robert Kim Payne)
9. Don't Keep Me Wonderin' (3:31)
(#/Gregg Allman)
10. Hoochie Coochie Man (4:58)
(#/Willie Dixon)
11. Statesboro Blues [Live] (4:20)
(#/Blind Willie McTell)
12. Stormy Monday [Live] (8:50)
(#/T-Bone Walker)
13. Hot 'Lanta [Live/Instrumental] (5:22)
(Richard "Dickey" Betts/Berry Oakley/Butch Trucks/Duane Allman/Jay Johanny "Jaimoe" Johannson)
14. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed [Live/Instrumental] (13:05)
(Richard "Dickey" Betts)
Gold (Disc 2)
1. One Way Out [Live] (5:00)
(#/Elmore James/Marshall Seahorn)
2. Ain't Wastin' Time No More (3:40)
(#/Gregg Allman)
3. Melissa (3:54)
(#/Gregg Allman/Stephen Alaimo)
4. Stand Back (3:26)
(#/Gregg Allman/Berry Oakley)
5. Blue Sky (5:11)
(#/Richard "Dickey" Betts)
6. Little Martha [Instrumental] (2:10)
(Duane Allman)
7. Wasted Words (4:20)
(#/Gregg Allman)
8. Ramblin' Man (4:50)
(#/Richard "Dickey" Betts)
9. Southbound (5:10)
(#/Richard "Dickey" Betts)
10. Jessica [Instrumental] (7:30)
(Richard "Dickey" Betts)
11. Come And Go Blues [Live] (5:03)
(#/Gregg Allman)
12. Can't Lose What You Never Had (5:54)
(#/Muddy Waters)
13. Win, Lose Or Draw (4:47)
(#/Gregg Allman)
14. Crazy Love (3:45)
(#/Richard "Dickey" Betts)
15. Can't Take It With You (3:36)
(#/Richard "Dickey" Betts/Dan Johnson)
16. Pegasus [Instrumental] (7:31)
(Richard "Dickey" Betts)
Album ID 1.483
Production Bill Levenson (Producer)
Studio New York, Atlantic Studios (Recording Location); Macon, Georgia, Capricorn Studios (Recording Location); Miami, FL - Criteria Studios (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Record Plant (Recording Location)
Band Member Gregg Allman (Organ/Vocals/Piano/Clavichord/Clarinet); Duane Allman (Guitar/Vocals); Richard "Dickey" Betts (Guitar); Berry Oakley (Bass Guitar); Jay Johanny "Jaimoe" Johannson (Drums & Percussion); Butch Trucks (Drums & Percussion); Tom Doucette (Harmonica/Percussion); Lamar Williams (Bass Guitar); Chuck Leavell (Piano); Les Dudek (Acoustic Guitar); Dan Toler (Guitar); David Goldflies (Bass Guitar/Bass); Bonnie Bramlett (Vocals-Backing); Joe Lala (Percussion); Jim Essery (Harmonica)

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