Guns N' Roses / Chinese Democracy


Released 23.11.2008
Discography 06th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Geffen
1. Chinese Democracy (4:43)
(#/Axl Rose/Josh Freese)
2. Shackler's Revenge (3:36)
(#/Axl Rose/Bryan Mantia/Buckethead/Caram Costanzo/Pete Scaturro/Robin Finck)
3. Better (4:58)
(#/Axl Rose/Robin Finck)
4. Street Of Dreams [Hidden] (4:46)
(#/Axl Rose/Dizzy Reed/Tommy Stinson)
5. If The World (4:54)
(#/Axl Rose/Chris Pitman)
6. There Was A Time (6:41)
(#/Axl Rose/Dizzy Reed/Paul Tobias)
7. Catcher In The Rye (5:52)
(#/Axl Rose/Paul Tobias)
8. Scraped (3:30)
(#/Axl Rose/Buckethead/Caram Costanzo)
9. Riad N' The Bedouins (4:10)
(#/Axl Rose/Tommy Stinson)
10. Sorry (6:14)
(#/Axl Rose/Bryan Mantia/Buckethead/Pete Scaturro)
11. I.R.S. (4:28)
(#/Axl Rose/Paul Tobias)
12. Madagascar (5:37)
(#/Axl Rose/Chris Pitman)
13. This I Love (5:34)
(#/Axl Rose)
14. Prostitute (6:15)
(#/Axl Rose/Paul Tobias)
Album ID 1.478
Production Axl Rose (Producer); Caram Costanzo (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Townhouse and Village Recorder (Recording Location)
Band Member Axl Rose (Vocals); Dizzy Reed (Keyboards); Buckethead (Guitar); Robin Finck (Guitar); Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guitar); Richard Fortus (Guitar); Tommy Stinson (Bass Guitar); Chris Pitman (Keyboards); Frank Ferrer (Drums & Percussion); Bryan Mantia (Drums & Percussion); Paul Tobias (Piano)

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