Ben Harper / Welcome To The Cruel World


Released 08.04.1994
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format CD
Label Virgin
1. The Three Of Us [Instrumental] (2:35)
(Ben Harper)
2. Whipping Boy (5:31)
(#/Chris Darrow)
3. Breakin' Down (4:00)
(#/Ben Harper/JP Plunier)
4. Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave (4:25)
(#/Ben Harper)
5. Waiting On An Angel (3:53)
(#/Ben Harper)
6. Mama's Got A Girlfriend Now (2:29)
(#/Ben Harper)
7. Forever (3:24)
(#/Ben Harper)
8. Like A King (4:18)
(#/Ben Harper)
9. Pleasure And Pain (3:47)
(#/Ben Harper)
10. Walk Away (3:49)
(#/Ben Harper)
11. How Many Miles Must We March (3:08)
(#/Ben Harper)
12. Welcome To The Cruel World (5:37)
(#/Ben Harper)
13. I'll Rise (6:17)
(#/Ben Harper/Maya Angelou)
Album ID 1.433
Production Ben Harper (Producer); JP Plunier (Producer); Jeff Gottlieb (Associate Producer)
Studio Futuredisc (Mastering Location); Monastery (Mixing Location)
Band Member Ben Harper (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals/Guitar-Electric); John McKnight (Bass Guitar); Gail Deadrick (Drums & Percussion/Percussion-Various/Piano/Vocals-Backing); Clabe Hangan (Vocals-Backing); Clarence Butler (Vocals-Backing); Kenneth McDaniel (Vocals-Backing); Richard Cook (Panpipes); Suzie Katayama (Cello); Clyde Allen (Vocals-Backing); Jelani Jones (Vocals-Backing); Kevin Williams (Vocals-Backing)

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