Neil Young ' Crazy Horse / Road Rock, Vol. 1: Friends & Relatives


Released 05.12.2000
Discography Live
Venue North America Tour
Venue Date 29.Aug.2000 - 01.Okt.2000
Format CD
Label Reprise Records
1. Cowgirl In The Sand [Live] (18:11)
(#/Neil Young)
2. Walk On [Live] (4:00)
(#/Neil Young)
3. Fool For Your Love [Previously Unreleased - Live] (3:20)
(#/Neil Young)
4. Peace Of Mind [Live] (4:51)
(#/Neil Young)
5. Words (Between The Lines Of Age) [Live] (11:07)
(#/Neil Young)
6. Motorcycle Mama [Live] (4:12)
(#/Neil Young)
7. Tonight's The Night [Live] (10:33)
(#/Neil Young)
8. All Along The Watchtower [Live] / Neil Young & Crazy Horse feat. Chrissie Hynde (8:11)
(#/Bob Dylan)
Album ID 1.412
Production Ben Keith (Producer); Bernie Grundman (Mastering); Neil Young (Producer); Tim Mulligan (Engineer/Mixing)
Band Member Ben Keith (Pedal Steel Guitar/Vocals-Backing/Guitar-Electric); Donald "Duck" Dunn (Bass Guitar); Jim Keltner (Drums & Percussion); Neil Young (Guitar-Electric/Piano/Vocals-Lead); Pegi Young (Vocals-Backing); Spooner Oldham (Organ/Piano); Astrid Young (Vocals-Backing); Chrissie Hynde (Guitar-Electric/Vocals)

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