Alison Moyet / Raindancing


Released 1987
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label CBS
A1. Weak in the Presence of Beauty (3:45)
(#/Rob Clarke/Michael Ward)
A2. Ordinary Girl (3:27)
(#/Alison Moyet/Rick Driscoll/Jess Bailey)
A3. You Got Me Wrong (4:05)
(#/Alison Moyet)
A4. Without You (3:27)
(#/Alison Moyet)
A5. Sleep Like Breathing (4:20)
(#/Jimmy Iovine/David Freeman/Joseph Hughes)
B1. Is This Love? (4:00)
(#/Alison Moyet/Jean Guiot)
B2. Blow Wind Blow (5:47)
(#/Alison Moyet/Jess Bailey)
B3. Glorious Love (4:22)
(#/Alison Moyet/Rick Driscoll/Jean Guiot)
B4. When I Say (No Giveaway) (2:54)
(#/Alison Moyet/Rick Driscoll/Jean Guiot)
B5. Stay (3:27)
(#/Alison Moyet/Rick Driscoll/Jean Guiot)
Album ID 1.397
Production Jimmy Iovine (Producer); Alison Moyet (Producer); Jean Guiot (Producer); Jess Bailey (Producer)

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