David Lindley & El Rayo-X / Win This Record


Released 1982
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Asylum
A1. Something's Got a Hold on Me (2:43)
(#/Pearl Woods/Leroy Kirkland/Etta James)
A2. Turning Point (4:45)
(Leo Graham Jr)
A3. Spodie (4:57)
(David Lindley)
A4. Brother John (5:50)
(Cyril Neville)
A5. Premature (3:57)
(Toots Hibbert)
B1. Talk to the Lawyer (4:55)
(David Lindley)
B2. Make it on Time (3:17)
(David Lindley)
B3. Rock it With I (5:06)
(Tony Brevitt/B. Dowe)
B4. Ram a Lamb a Man (4:10)
(David Lindley)
B5. Look So Good (1:31)
(David Lindley)
Album ID 1.395
Production David Lindley (Producer); Greg Ladanyi (Producer)
Studio Hollywood, Sound Factory (Recording Location)
Band Member David Lindley (Vocals/Guitar); Jorge Calderon (Vocals/Bass Guitar/Percussion); Bernie Larsen (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Ian Wallace (Drums & Percussion); Booker T. Jones (Organ); William "Smitty" Smith (Organ)

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