North Mississippi Allstars / Polaris


Released 2003
Format CD
Label ATO Records
1. Eyes (4:05)
(Jim Mathus/Luther Dickinson/Corwyn Ellis/Duwayne Burnside/Chris Chew/Cody Dickinson)
2. Meet Me in the City (4:07)
(Junior Kimbrough)
3. Conan (4:04)
(Chris Chew/Cody Dickinson/Luther Dickinson/Duwayne Burnside)
4. All Along (2:44)
(Chris Chew/Cody Dickinson/Luther Dickinson/Duwayne Burnside)
5. Otay (2:57)
(Chris Chew/Cody Dickinson/Duwayne Burnside/Luther Dickinson)
6. Kids These Daze (2:58)
(Chris Chew/Cody Dickinson/Duwayne Burnside/Luther Dickinson/Jim Dickinson)
7. One to Grow on (4:44)
(Chris Chew/Duwayne Burnside/Luther Dickinson/Cody Dickinson)
8. Never in All My Days (2:52)
(Chris Chew/Duwayne Burnside/Luther Dickinson/Cody Dickinson)
9. Bad Bad Pain (2:43)
(Chris Chew/Duwayne Burnside/Luther Dickinson/Cody Dickinson)
10. Polaris (3:22)
(Chris Chew/Duwayne Burnside/Luther Dickinson/Cody Dickinson)
11. Time for the Sun to Rise (4:17)
(Earl King)
12. Be So Glad (6:10)
(Chris Chew/Duwayne Burnside/Luther Dickinson/Ed Lewis/Cody Dickinson)
Album ID 1.384
Production Cody Dickinson (Mixing/Producer); Jon Bailey (Engineer); Kevin Houston (Engineer/Mixing); Luther Dickinson (Mixing/Producer)
Studio Euphonic Masters (Mastering Location); Sounds Unreel (Mixing Location)
Band Member B. Gokham Somel (Cello); Corwyn Ellis (Organ); Chris Chew (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Cody Burnside (Rap); Cody Dickinson (Drums & Percussion/Guitar-Electric/Organ/Piano/Vocals); Diden Somel (Viola); Duwayne Burnside (Guitar-Electric/Vocals); Heather Trussell (Violin); Jim Dickinson (Piano); Jim Spake (Baritone Saxophone); Jimmy Crosthwait (Vocals); John C. Stubblefield (Double bass); Jonathan Kirkscey (Cello); Luther Dickinson (Guitar-Electric/Vocals); Michael Scott (Bassoon); Noel Gallagher (Vocals); Otha Turner (Vocals); Patrick Plunk (Clarinet); Reba Russell (Vocals); Robyn Oakes (Oboe); Shawn Lane (Guitar-Electric); Steve Selvidge (Guitar-Electric/Vocals); Susan Marshall (Vocals); Tower Of Sour (Saxophone/Trumpet); Virgina Cupples (French Horn)

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