Little Feat / Representing The Mambo


Released 29.03.1990
Discography 09th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Blue Castle Records
1. Texas Twister (4:46)
(#/Bill Payne/Fred Tackett/Martin Kibbee/Paul Barrere)
2. Daily Grind (5:09)
(#/Bill Payne/Paul Barrere/Craig Fuller)
3. Representing The Mambo (5:56)
(#/Bill Payne/Fred Tackett/Paul Barrere/Neon Park)
4. Woman In Love (3:50)
(#/Bill Payne/Fred Tackett/Paul Barrere)
5. Rad Gumbo (3:28)
(#/Bill Payne/Martin Kibbee)
6. Teenage Warrior (4:53)
(#/Fred Tackett/Paul Barrere/Craig Fuller)
7. That's Her, She's Mine (4:10)
(#/Bill Payne/Paul Barrere/Sam Clayton)
8. Feelin's All Gone (5:00)
(#/Bill Payne/Fred Tackett/Paul Barrere/Craig Fuller)
9. Those Feat'll Steer Ya Wrong Sometimes (5:01)
(#/Craig Fuller/Richie Hayward)
10. The Ingenue (4:21)
(#/Bill Payne/Fred Tackett/Paul Barrere/Craig Fuller)
11. Silver Screen (4:22)
(#/Bill Payne/Fred Tackett/Paul Barrere)
Album ID 1.369
Production Bill Payne (Producer); Doug Sax (Mastering); George Massenburg (Engineer/Producer); Nate Kunkel (Assistant Engineer)
Studio Los Angeles, Ocean Way Recording Studios (Recording Location); Skywalker Ranch (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Complex Studios (Mixing Location); New York, The Hit Factory (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Mastering Lab (Mastering Location)
Band Member Kenny Gradney (Bass Guitar); Richie Hayward (Drums & Percussion); Sam Clayton (Percussion-Various)

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