Bob Dylan / Knocked Out Loaded


Released 14.07.1986
Discography 24th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Columbia
1. You Wanna Ramble (3:17)
(#/Herman Parker Jr.)
2. They Killed Him (4:03)
(#/Kris Kristofferson)
3. Driftin' Too Far From Shore (3:42)
(#/Bob Dylan)
4. Precious Memories (3:15)
5. Maybe Someday (3:19)
(#/Bob Dylan)
6. Brownsville Girl (11:03)
(#/Bob Dylan/Sam Shepard)
7. Got My Mind Made Up (2:55)
(#/Bob Dylan/Tom Petty)
8. Under Your Spell / Bob Dylan with Luther Vandross (3:56)
(#/Bob Dylan/Carole Bayer Sager)
Album ID 1.354
Production Don Smith (Engineer); George Tutko (Engineer)
Studio Los Angeles, Cherokee Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Bob Dylan (Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards-Various); T-Bone Burnett (Guitar); James Jamerson Jr. (Bass Guitar); Al Kooper (Keyboards-Various); Raymond Lee Pounds (Drums & Percussion); Madelyn Quebec (Vocals-Backing); Annette May Thomas (Vocals-Backing); Muffy Hendrix (Vocals-Backing); Carolyn Dennis (Vocals-Backing); Steve Douglas (Saxophone); Jack Sherman (Guitar); Vito San Filippo (Bass Guitar); Steve Madaio (Trumpet); The Children's Choir (Chorus/Choir); Peggie Blu (Vocals-Backing); Anton Fig (Drums & Percussion); John Paris (Bass Guitar); Ron Wood (Guitar); Al Perkins (Guitar-Electric); Annette May Thoms (Vocals-Backing); Brian Parris (Drums & Percussion); Larry Meyers (Mandolin); Mike Berment (Drums & Percussion); Milton Gabriel (Drums & Percussion); Queen Esther Marrow (Vocals-Backing); Don Heffington (Drums & Percussion); Elisecia Wright (Vocals-Backing); Howie Epstein (Bass Guitar); Mike Campbell (Guitar); Carl Sealove (Bass Guitar); Ira Ingber (Guitar); Vince Melamed (Keyboards-Various); Benmont Tench (Keyboards-Various); Philip Lyn Jones (Percussion-Various); Stan Lynch (Drums & Percussion); Clem Burke (Drums & Percussion); John McKenzie (Bass Guitar); Patrick Seymour (Keyboards-Various)
Guest Musician David A. Stewart (Guitar)

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