Bob Dylan / Hard Rain


Released 13.09.1976
Discography Live
Venue Fort Worth, TX, + Fort Collins, CO, Hughes Stadium
Venue Date 16,Mai.1976 + 23.Mai.1976
Format CD
Label Columbia
1. Maggie's Farm [Live] (5:23)
(#/Bob Dylan)
2. One Too Many Mornings [Live] (3:47)
(#/Bob Dylan)
3. Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again [Live] (6:01)
(#/Bob Dylan)
4. Oh, Sister [Live] (5:08)
(#/Bob Dylan/Jacques Levy)
5. Lay Lady Lay [Live] (4:47)
(#/Bob Dylan)
6. Shelter From the Storm [Live] (5:29)
(#/Bob Dylan)
7. You're a Big Girl Now [Live] (7:01)
(#/Bob Dylan)
8. I Threw it All Away [Live] (3:18)
(#/Bob Dylan)
9. Idiot Wind [Live] (10:20)
(#/Bob Dylan)
Album ID 1.352
Production Bob Dylan (Producer); Don DeVito (Producer); Don Meehan (Engineer/Mixing)
Band Member David Mansfield (Guitar); Gary Burke (Drums & Percussion); Howard Wyeth (Drums & Percussion/Piano); Rob Stoner (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Scarlet Rivera (Violin); Steve Soles (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); T-Bone Burnett (Guitar/Piano); Mick Ronson (Guitar)

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