Neil Young ' Crazy Horse / American Stars 'n Bars


Released 27.05.1977
Discography 08th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Reprise Records
1. The Old Country Waltz (3:00)
(#/Neil Young)
2. Saddle Up The Palomino (3:01)
(#/Neil Young/Tim Drummond/Bobby Charles)
3. Hey Babe (3:37)
(#/Neil Young)
4. Hold Back The Tears (4:20)
(#/Neil Young)
5. Bite The Bullet (3:36)
(#/Neil Young)
6. Star Of Bethlehem (2:42)
(#/Neil Young)
7. Will To Love (7:11)
(#/Neil Young)
8. Like A Hurricane (8:20)
(#/Neil Young)
9. Homegrown (2:21)
(#/Neil Young)
Album ID 1.344
Production Neil Young (Producer); David Briggs (Producer); Tim Mulligan (Producer)
Band Member Neil Young (Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica); Frank "Poncho" Sampedro (Guitar/Organ/Vocals-Backing); Ben Keith (Steel-Guitar); Billy Talbot (Bass Guitar); Ralph Molina (Drums & Percussion/Vocals-Backing); Karl Himmel (Drums & Percussion)
Guest Musician Linda Ronstadt (Vocals-Backing); Nicolette Larson (Vocals-Backing); Emmylou Harris (Vocals-Backing)

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