Peter Frampton / Frampton Comes Alive!


Released 06.01.1976
Discography Live
Venue San Rafael, Marin County Civic Center + San Francisco, Winterland Ballroom
Venue Date 16.Jun.1975 + 17.Jun.1975
Format 2 LP
Label A&M Records
Frampton comes alive! (LP 1)
A1. Something's Happening [Live] (5:40)
(#/Peter Frampton)
A2. Doobie Wah [Live] (5:34)
(#/Peter Frampton/Rick Wills/John Headley-Down)
A3. Show Me the Way [Live] (4:35)
(#/Peter Frampton)
A4. It's a Plain Shame [Live] (4:38)
(#/Peter Frampton)
B1. All I Want to Be [Live] (3:25)
(#/Peter Frampton)
B2. Wind of Change [Live] (2:45)
(#/Peter Frampton)
B3. Baby, I Love Your Way [Live] (4:37)
(#/Peter Frampton)
B4. I Wanna Go to the Sun [Live] (7:14)
(#/Peter Frampton)
Frampton comes alive! (LP 2)
A1. Penny for Your Thoughts [Live/Instrumental] (1:22)
(Peter Frampton)
A2. I'll Give You Money [Live] (5:37)
(#/Peter Frampton)
A3. Shine on [Live] (3:50)
(#/Peter Frampton)
A4. Jumpin' Jack Flash [Live] (7:54)
(#/Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
B1. Lines on My Face [Live] (7:03)
(#/Peter Frampton)
B2. Do You Feel Like We Do [Live] (14:16)
(#/Peter Frampton/Rick Wills/Mick Gallagher)
Album ID 132
Band Member Peter Frampton (Guitar/Vocals); Bob Mayo (Piano/Organ); Stanley Sheldon (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing); John Siomos (Drums & Percussion)

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