Fleetwood Mac / Best of...


Released 1971
Discography Compilation
Format LP
Label Reprise Records
A1. Oh Well (9:02)
(#/Peter Green)
A2. Dragonfly (2:46)
(#/Danny Kirwan/W. H. Davies)
A3. Rattlesnake Shake (3:30)
(#/Peter Green)
A4. World in Harmony [Instrumental] (3:25)
(Danny Kirwan/Peter Green)
A5. The Green Manalishi (4:33)
(#/Peter Green)
B1. Searching for Madge [Instrumental] (6:58)
(John McVie)
B2. Before the Beginning (3:25)
(#/Peter Green)
B3. The Purple Dancer (5:39)
(#/Mick Fleetwood/Danny Kirwan/John McVie)
B4. Fighting for Madge [Instrumental] (2:48)
(Mick Fleetwood)
B5. Coming Your Way (3:47)
(#/Danny Kirwan)
Album ID 131
Band Member Danny Kirwan (Vocals/Guitar); Peter Green (Guitar/Vocals); Jeremy Spencer (Piano); Mick Fleetwood (Drums & Percussion); John McVie (Bass Guitar)

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