Fleetwood Mac / Rumours


Released 04.02.1977
Discography 11th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Warner Bros.
A1. Second Hand News (2:43)
(#/Lindsey Buckingham)
A2. Dreams (4:14)
(#/Stevie Nicks)
A3. Never Going Back Again (2:02)
(#/Lindsey Buckingham)
A4. Don't Stop (3:11)
(#/Christine Mcvie)
A5. Go Your Own Way (3:38)
(#/Lindsey Buckingham)
A6. Songbird (3:20)
(#/Christine Mcvie)
B1. The Chain (4:28)
(#/Lindsey Buckingham/Mick Fleetwood)
B2. You Make Loving Fun (3:31)
(#/Christine Mcvie)
B3. I Don't Want to Know (3:11)
(#/Stevie Nicks)
B4. Oh Daddy (3:54)
(#/Christine Mcvie)
B5. Gold Dust Woman (4:51)
(#/Stevie Nicks)
Album ID 129
Production Bill Inglot (Mastering); Dan Hersch (Mastering); David McLees (Producer); Ken Caillat (Engineer/Producer); Richard Dashut (Engineer/Producer); Fleetwood Mac (Producer); Elliot Scheiner (Producer); Lindsey Buckingham (Producer)
Studio DigiPrep (Mastering Location); Los Angeles, Sound City Studios (Mixing Location); Los Angeles, Record Plant (Mixing Location); Los Angeles, Wally Heider Recording Studio (Mixing Location); Miami, FL - Criteria Studios (Mixing Location); Sausalito, CA - The Plant Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Christine Mcvie (Keyboards-Various/Synthesizer/Vocals); John McVie (Bass Guitar); Lindsey Buckingham (Vocals/Guitar-Electric); Mick Fleetwood (Drums & Percussion); Stevie Nicks (Vocals)

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