Fish / Field of Crows


Released 10.12.2003
Discography 08th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Chocolate Frogs
1. The Field (8:46)
(#/Fish/Bruce Watson)
2. Moving Targets (5:44)
(#/Fish/Bruce Watson/Irvin Duguid)
3. The Rookie (5:34)
(#/Fish/Bruce Watson)
4. Zoo Class (5:25)
(#/Fish/Bruce Watson/Irvin Duguid)
5. The Lost Plot (5:17)
(#/Fish/Tony Turrell)
6. Old Crow (5:22)
(#/Fish/Bruce Watson/Irvin Duguid)
7. Numbers (5:39)
(#/Fish/Bruce Watson/Frank Usher)
8. Exit Wound (5:59)
(#/Fish/Bruce Watson)
9. Innocent Party (7:43)
(#/Fish/Bruce Watson/Irvin Duguid)
10. Shot the Craw (6:22)
(#/Fish/Bruce Watson/Irvin Duguid)
11. Scattering Crows (5:07)
(#/Fish/Bruce Watson/Irvin Duguid/Tony Turrell)
Album ID 1.092
Production Calum Malcolm (Mastering); Elliot Ness (Engineer/Mixing/Producer)
Studio Glasgow, Ca Va Studios (Mixing Location); Haddington, The Studio (Recording Location)
Band Member Bruce Watson (Guitar-Electric); Dave Maswell (Percussion-Various); Fish (Vocals); Frank Usher (Guitar-Electric); Mark Brzezicki (Drums & Percussion); Steve Vantsis (Bass Guitar); Tony Turrell (Keyboards-Various); Danny Gillan (Vocals-Backing); Lars K. Lande (Vocals-Backing); Richard Sidwell (Horn/Trumpet); Steve Hamilton (Saxophone); Yatta (Vocals-Backing); Irvin Duguid (Clarinet)

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