Melissa Etheridge / Never Enough


Released 17.05.1992
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format CD
Label Island
1. Ain't it Heavy (4:24)
(Melissa Etheridge)
2. 2001 (4:39)
(Melissa Etheridge)
3. Dance Without Sleeping (5:42)
(Melissa Etheridge/Kevin McCormick/Mauricio Fritz Lewak)
4. Place Your Hand (3:27)
(Melissa Etheridge)
5. Must Be Crazy for Me (3:44)
(Melissa Etheridge)
6. Meet Me in the Back (4:04)
(Melissa Etheridge)
7. The Boy Feels Strange (4:32)
(Melissa Etheridge)
8. Keep it Precious (6:16)
(Melissa Etheridge)
9. The Letting Go (3:08)
(Melissa Etheridge)
10. It's for You (5:42)
(Melissa Etheridge/Kevin McCormick)
Album ID 1.079
Production Gabe Veltri (Mixing); Kevin McCormick (Mixing/Producer); Melissa Etheridge (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, A&M Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Debra Dobkin (Percussion-Various); Ian McLagan (Piano/Organ); Kevin McCormick (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing/Guitar-Electric); Mauricio Fritz Lewak (Drums & Percussion/Vocals-Backing/Percussion-Various); Melissa Etheridge (Acoustic Guitar/Guitar-Electric/Piano); Steuart Smith (Guitar-Electric); Scott Thurston (Keyboards/Piano); Mark Goldenberg (Guitar-Electric); Dermot Mulroney (Cello); Richard Gibbs (Keyboards)

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