John Denver / Best Songs of John Denver


Released 1980
Discography Compilation
Format LP
Label RCA
A1. Take Me Home Country Roads (3:09)
(#/John Denver/Mary Danoff/Taffy Nivert/Bill Danoff)
A2. Leaving on a Jetplane (4:04)
(#/John Denver)
A3. Rocky Mountain High (4:46)
(#/John Denver/Michael C. Taylor)
A4. Starwood in Aspen (3:11)
(#/John Denver)
A5. Garden Song (2:42)
(#/David Mallett)
A6. Thank God I'm a Country Boy (3:18)
(#/John Martin Sommers)
A7. Song for the Life (3:41)
(#/Rodney Crowell)
A8. Annie's Song (2:58)
(#/John Denver)
B1. Wrangell Mountain Song (2:53)
(#/John Denver)
B2. Sunshine on My Shoulders (5:10)
(#/John Denver/Richard Kniss/Mike Taylor)
B3. Welcome to My Morning (3:15)
(#/John Denver)
B4. For Baby (2:56)
(#/John Denver)
B5. Follow Me (2:49)
(#/John Denver)
B6. Back Home Again (4:42)
(#/John Denver)
B7. Calypso (3:32)
(#/John Denver)
B8. The Eagle and the Hawk (2:14)
(#/John Denver/Michael C. Taylor)
Album ID 104
Production Milton Okun (Producer); Vic Anesini (Mastering); Karen O'Connor (Engineer)
Band Member John Denver (Guitar/Vocals)

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