Works Vol.1


Released: March 1977

Lend Your Love To Me Tonight

Lend your love to me tonight
Don't ask me who or what is right
I have no strength I cannot fight
Just flood my darkness with your light
I need no face I need no name
No martyr's artifical shame
No crucifix I am no lame
And yet I ache to feel the flame
Arrest the sun and shoot the moon
The lamp of laughter dies to soon
To live reflected in a spoon
Makes it too hard to stay in tune
Believe me.

Unlock the door and unbar the gate
I'll write I love you on the slate
And while St.Peter's thieves debate
The price of time I will not wait
Or let the star blind road of fate
Confuse me, abuse me,misuse me

Release my soul release my eyes
A clock unwinds a flower dies
Dishonesty disqualifies
You win the race but lose the prize
A tattered cloak behind the throne
It is unseen it is not known
Behind this face I am alone
I would give everything I own
To touch you

Just lend your love to me once more
Don't ask me what I came back for
Just watch the moonlight cross the floor
And as your blood begins to roar
You'll feel your senses spin and soar
You will become my meteor
Divine and universal whore
Complete me
C'est La Vie

C'est la vie
Have your leaves all turned to brown
Will you scatter them around you
C'est la vie
Do you love
And then how am I to know
If you don't let your love show for me
C'est la vie

Oh c'est la vie
Oh c'est la vie
Who knows, who cares,for me
C'est la vie

In the night
Do you light a lover's fire
Do the ashes of desire for you remain
Like the sea
There's a love to deep to show
Took a storm before my love
flowed for you
C'est la vie

Oh c'est la vie
Oh c'est la vie
Who knows, who cares, for me
C'est la vie

Like a song
Out of tune and out of time
All I needed was a ryhme for you
C'est la vie
Do you give
Do you live from day to day
Is there no song I can play for you
C'est la vie

Oh c'est la vie
Oh c'est la vie
Who knows, who cares, for me
C'est la vie
Hallowed Be Thy Name

There may be an om in moment
But there's very few folk in focus
Not the first, not the last, not the least.
You needn't be well to be wealthy
But you've got to be whole to be holy
Fetch the rope, fetch the clock, fetch the priest.
Oh this planet of ours is a mess
I bet Heaven's the same
Look the madman says "Son,
As a friend, tell me what's in a name,"
Hallowed by thy name.

I give you the state of statesmen
And the key to what motivatesthem
On the left, on the right, on the nail.
Still I don't see a man in a mansion
That an accurate pen won't puncture
Go to town, go to hell, go to jail.
And there's bars and saloons
Where the jukebox plays blues in the night
Till the madman says "Son,
Time to go we could both use some light."
And thy will be done.

We live in an age of cages
The tale of an ape escaping
In the search of some truth he can use
But many a drunk got drunker
And mostly a thinker, thunker
Set the place, set the time, set the fuse,
The optimist laughed and the pessimist
Cried in his wine
And the madman said "Son,
Take a word they'll all wake given time"
Let thy kingdom come.

The madman and I got drunker
Till both thought the other thank you
And we laughed all the way to the stars
The optimist asked for a taste of the
Pessimist's wine
And the madman said "Son,
How you feel?" I said "Me? I feel fine
Lead me into temptation
into temptation
I said into temptation
I need my allocation of recreation
I want a revelation in degradation
No hesitation, give me variation,
give me inspiration..."
Nobody Loves You Like I Do

You can rent your blues
and photograh your soul
You can even dig some diamonds
Out of rock 'n roll
You can change the world
But if you lose control
They will take away your T-shirt

And when you lose your reason
And there's no release
You can buy seclusion
but you can't buy peace
You got everything but the golden fleece
And a shepherd for your sadness
Now I don't expect you sympathie
This is what and where I want to be
For as long as my blood runs
Love comes and goes, God knows

Nobody loves you like I do
No no no nobody loves you like I do
It comes on unrelentless
I've tried so hard to prevent this
But nobody loves you like I do

There are highway dream in my head tonight
I can't breathe without you and I'm losing height
I don't need a periscope or second sight
To see nothing lasts forever
With a planet stare and a guiding star
You can only be what you think you are
If I didn't approve it remove it
I'm coming through

Oh nobody loves you like I do
And I'm dirty, mean and unworthy
This is true
But if somebody says it loves you
From all sides out here above you
Believe me nobody loves you like I do

For you know I will love you sweet and strong
I will love you full, I will love you long
I will love you right even better wrong -
Tonight, tonight

Nobody loves you like I do
I can't make it or, or shake it
or breake it without you
And if you pause at my insistence
I'll be yours from any distance
So you see, nobody loves you like I do

Nobody loves you like I do
I said nobody loves you like I do
It comes all unrelentless
I've tried so hard to prevent this
But nobody loves you like I do
I said nobody loves you
I said nobody loves you
I said nobody loves you like I do...
Closer To Believing

I am closer to believing
Than I ever was before
On the crest of this elation
Must I crash upon the shore
And with the driftwood of acquaintance
Light the fire to love once more
I am wind blown...I am times.

To be closer to believing
To be just a breath away
On the death of inspiration
I would buy back yesterday
But there's no crueller illusion
There's no sharper coin to pay
As I reach out... It slips away

From the opium of custom
to the ledges of extremes
Don't believe it till you've held it
Life is seldom what it seems
But lay your heart upon the table
And in the shuffling of dreams
Remember who on earth you are

I need me
You need you
We want us

But of course you know I love you
Or what else am I here for
Only you not face to face
But side by side for evermore
And I need to be here with you
For without you what am I
Just another fool out searching
For some heaven in the sky
Take me closer to believing
Take me forward lead me on
Through collision and confusion
While there's life beneath the sun
You are the reason I continue
So near for so long
So close yet so far away

I need me
You need you
We want us to live forever
So don't let the curtain fall
Measure after measure
Of writing on the wall
That burns so brightly
It blinds us all

I need me
You need you
We want us to be together
On Sundays in the rain
Closer than forever
Against or with the grain
To ride the storms of love again

So be closer to believing
Though your world is torn apart
For a moment changes all things
And to end is but to start
And if your journey's unrewarded
May your God lift up your heart
You are windblown
But you are mine

"Who'll make his mark,"
The Captain cried
To the Devil drink a toast
We'll glut the hold
With cups of gold
And we'll feed the sea with ghosts
I see your hunger for a fortune
Could be better
Served beneath my flag
If you've the stomach
For a broadside
Come aboard my pretty boys
I will take you and make you
Everything you've ever dreamed."

"Make fast the guns tonight we sail
When the high tide floods the bay.
Cut free the lines
And square the yards
Get the black flag stowed away
The Turk, the Arab and the Spaniard
Will soon have pennies on their eyes
And any other laden fancy
We will take her by surprise
I will take you and make you
Everything you've ever dreamed."

Six days off the Cuban coast
When a sail ahead they spied
"A Galleon of the treasure fleet,"
The mizzen lookout cried
"Closer to the wind my boys,"
The mad eyed Captain roared
"For every man that's alive tonight
Will be hauling gold aboard."

"Spare us," the galleon begged
But mercy's face had fled
Blood ran from the screaming souls
The cutlass harvested
Driven to the quarter deck
The last survivor fell
"She's ours my boys,"
The Captain grinned
"And no one left to tell."

The Captain rose from a silk divan
With a pistol in his fist
And shot the lock from an iron box
And a blood red ruby kissed
"I give you jewellery of turquoise
A crucifix of solid gold
One hundred thousand silver pieces
It is just as I foretold
You... you see there before you
Everything you've ever dreamed."

Anchored in an indigo moonlit bay
Gold-eyed round the fires
The sea thieves lay
Morning... white shells
And a pipe of clay
As the wind filled their footprints
They were far... far... away.

"Our sails swell full
As we brave all seas
On a westward wind
To love as we please
With the wicked wild-eyed woman
Of Portobello town
Where we've been told
That a purse of gold
Buys any man a crown
They will serve you and cloth you
Exchange your rags
For the velvet coats of kings."

"Who'll drink a toast with me
I give you liberty
This town is ours... tonight"

"Landlord wine make it the finest
Make it a cup for a sea-dog's thirst
Two long years of bones and beaches
Fever and leaches did their worst
So fill the night with paradise
Bring me peach and peacock
Till I burst
But first, I want a soft touch
In the right place
I want to feel like a king tonight
Ten on the black
To beat the Frenchman
Back you dogs
Give'em room to turn
Now open wide sweet Heaven's gate
Tonight we're gonna
See if Heaven burns,
See how she burns...
I want an angel on a gold chain
And I'll ride her to the stars
It's the last time
For a long long time
Come the daybreak, we embark...

On the flood of the morning tide
Once more the ocean cried
"This company will return one day
Though we feel your tears
It's the price we pay
For there's prizes to be taken
And glory to be found
Cut free the chains
Make fast your souls
We are eldorado bound...
I will take you
For always forever, together
Until Hell calls our names..."

"Who'll drink a toast with me
To the Devil and the deep blue sea
Gold drives a man... to dream!"